by snappingturtlee

This opening theme found its way to my heart today while I was at home nolstagiaing on Spongebob while watching Shirokuma Cafe for the first time. ! It started playing during the first episode of Spongebob and I had to investigate the source of my toe tappiness! And when I got visuals on it I became entranced by the animal animations and auto-tune electronic-ness. The song actually reminds me a little of Owl City with more happy, maybe Perfume with more rock, or rock music remixed by superpowerless (lol clicking on my own link i realized that he did a remix on gangnam too, not surprised). Ahhh I think my current playlist-obsession is about to evolve again.

One day I shall sing it. One day.

Speaking of music and soundtracks, one of my recent obsession-songs seems to be from Grey’s Anatomy. Great things go in sets I suppose.

Speaking of singing, I feel the need to share some of my favorite female singers:

OH MY THIS IS TAKING UP A LOT OF TIME AND SPACE. I never meant to sift through my itunes library. But I haven’t even finished! Stereopony, Sarah Bareilles, Sunday Girl (four floors, which somehow goes hand in hand in my mind with Trace), Sunny Hill (Let’s Talk About and 꼭두각시..the whole Midnight Circus Album), Vanessa Carlton, 4minutes (really only 거울아 거울아 though), and 邓丽君 is always a classic ❤


WHEW DONE. More or less…