by snappingturtlee

The Guilt of Eating Too Much

There are approximately six cookies and half a box of ma hua in my gut right now.

Is this too gory (oh but I love gutenberg books) for you to handle?

Well it is for me. Sob.

I went out for cross country practice this morning (cough. late. cough. woke up with ten minutes to spare. cough. didn’t eat), sloshed about with my backpack wishing I had something more portable, and came home more or less famished. In the next twenty minutes or so I made like a hamster. I’ve carefully (bingingly) avoided the classic-teenage-anorexia, but sooner or later I’ll have to deal with the other side of the spectrum.

I’ll probably have a light dinner today. Beef onigiri is light enough (eheh. heh)

Oh How Oh How Do I Come to Terms with this Guilt?

First I have to convince myself that I’m not going to gain a pound of fat (3500 calories) by feasting a meal

Ha. Ha. Say it. Now do it.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

is basically the most fundamental maintenance that your body does too keep alive; breathing, digesting, blooding, etc. Having muscle or even just being heavier comes in handy to boost up this number. Dun dun dunnn; bring in the favorite calculator. Under advanced settings you may choose to use your body fat percentage (makes for a more accurate BMR). Personally I didn’t have a pair of handy body fat calipers or a fancy body fat scale, so I used a ruler. Even with all the measuring I feel rather dubious about the actual my body fat percentage. 

I have crazy muscles in my calves but I have chicken-arms (I don’t know how violin works for me even). I’m told by the calculator that I have 24% body fat (is this good? bad?), but then again I probably pinched something all wrong or measured the wrong spots. 

Gahhhh this step is anything but natural! Whatever…I’m done. Neeext.

Make the plan, feel the pain, eat plantains?

There are plenty of diets out there; atkins, south beach, a funky Mediterranean one (with a style that I gravitated towards before knowing anything about not-eating), burn-the-fat-feed-the-muscle (I think I like this one for its emphasis on fitness), and so on. 

Having the background information in hand, I can go about constructing my own kind of plan. (too hipster? really?) But first I must lay my ground rules

1) I have a slight phobia of becoming anorexic. Whatever I go with I will be eating. Lots.

2) I need to keep my body up as I turn myself into a runner (HA. she says). I’ve never done cross country before and I won’t sidetrack myself from the ultimate success of running my personal best. Getting fit is another discussion for another time…

3) I need to eat more healthfully (those ma hwa…that palm oil mann….) and continue exercising to set a foundation for a healthy rest-o-my-life. Mom and Grandma suffer insomnia, aching, and sleepiness, probably due in part to their highly sedentary life styles. I also noticed that I felt more aware of my sleepiness since I started running. Not that I listened to the little voice; I’m still racking up a nice seven hours of sleep…holy sleep deprivation.


Will it make a big difference if I constantly deploy my ab muscles while I sit? Deploy legs and float half a centimeter above my chair? Because even sitting on an exercise ball can give a 6% boost to calories burned.

What if I do that standing desk thing that’s become so popular now a days?