Toradoro – Episodes 1+2

by snappingturtlee

Confused? How does writing a plot confuse you? I agree, there are too many ways to branch from each event.

Today I’ll just tell a few obvious and stereotypical plots to get started. And then I’ll do SAT prep, fun fun eh?


1) Ryuuji finds the mold behind the trashcan, and is unable to get it cleaned up.

The mold ends up being some kind of parasite on humans and everyone dies. Well, Ryuuji was first to die since he had first contact.

2) Ryuuji is often avoided in public due to his dangerous appearance.

Eventually some random vengeful girl accuses him of being the one who killed her brother. Ryuuji gets a hearing, but is framed by the real culprits (it was the mafia, duh, with loads of money) and thrown in jail. His mother and his friends used to visit every week and reassure him, but then after a year they stopped coming. Ryuuji believes that everyone has abandoned him. In jail he goes crazy, swearing to destroy the girl and the mysterious group that sent him here. And ten years later he is finally set out on parole. So he goes for the girl first, but discovers that she’s been in a catatonic state, after some local mafia trouble. So now he wants revenge on the local mafia for stealing his revenge. Mean while he realized that his family and friends were all missing, and he continues to search for the mysterious group. Ryuuji sets up an elaborate plan to climb up into the mafia ranks and discover who the mysterious persecutors were. While in the mafia he becomes a better person and slowly forgets his past. At the top he discovers that this mafia was behind it all. The mafia goes “oh no you found out. BAM.” Thus ryuuji dies yet another way.

3) Taiga climbs into Ryuuji’s house around 2AM. He hears something and wakes up, and finds a wooden katana in his face. He tries to reason, but Taiga continues to be violent.

Ryuuji dies on impact… LOLOL no that would be too easy. He’d probably die a million times at Taiga’s hands if he were that weak. 

No it turns out that the wooden blade, or in japanese, Tohenboku, was possessed. 

susano + Tohenboku (Okami, for wii/ps2)

And the sword takes control of Taiga and together they conquer the world, the sword killing her friends in the way to free her from human relations. Meh just to make it better Ryuuji didn’t die so easily and he swears vengeance, probably getting it in the end somehow in a typical shounen story way. 


A review of this anime to come later. Like maybe when I finish it.