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Lookbook September 2013 Spree


welp it’s clear that CROPTOPS are in
(the modest go for tanktops that show a bellybutton over a wide skirt
maybe throw a jacket on to tone it all down
while others will go for a maxi skirt and bra sized thing.
go explore!!

some are lacy and these look like cutout dresses

some might do a normal looking thick top tucked into a long/high skirt, but the back flutters out and short

gooo! be unique!  – marriki s
or you could go for the swimsuit not swimsuit:  josephine g
and other less modest but super cool things, literally)
because ankles/knees and hips/collarbone are just so boring.
especially that line at the hip. it bores me to death. I LIKE THIS KAY?)

and CUTOUT dresses. it doesn’t even have to be cutout, just
crisp and printed looking:
or maybe both crisp printed AND cutout:
cutout shirts too have been going around.
and there are some pretty unique ways to cut around things

which also infers snazzy overalls

speaking of which i think tartan is coming back (in that one case complementing croptops and the love of sheer)
and not just denim overalls. how about a denim over all that you are?

fedoras are seen everywhere bleh
low heeled ankle boots were never really out
black LEATHER has seen a comeback in shirts/dresses/skirts alike. it’s just a different texture. lolol jumpsuits even
varsity items never go out of fashion it seems.

also black leather jockey caps. what is up with that?
match it with some plaid/tartan and you look like idk kinda cool)
and if you do that crop top skirt thing?

Still on the topic of leather skirts;  denim and leather just work i guess

all black in general might be coming back  (THIS IS JUST SUPER ELEGANT I CAN’T EVEN COMPREHEND)

on that black leather jacket croptop and fedora and high loose pants:  natalie l

or the damn jail stripes. go awayyyy.

low cut tanktops, preferably showing a little bit of a plain bra
has been everywhere on campus, before the weather snapped.

and you know what I said about the ankle boots? it’s getting colder
add some socks. and what kind of socks?
cute socks. crazy socks

and you know that shorts and tights are always there for you?
try to forget about those big hipster fedoras and worn leather backpacks

big cutesy collars are going to be a big thing
as well as impact sweaters with IMPACT PRINTS
people are trying to work with massive print/painting cloth and it’s really weird but interesting at the same time?
this summer, there have been some pretty snazzy prints. psychedelic palmtrees and birds have been a thing on bags and shirts and other things.
prime example of sprucing up a solid colored piece of clothing using large prints rather than textures.  french fry skirts are yes, a thing, btw.

personally I also think that clashers are doing a great job with their contributions
i mean this is from last year but they’re doing well.

cat shirts and other things are acceptable, but it seems that we’re going with having a second face on our chests in general
or just this alternate animal-print craze

but jail stripes need to just.
go away for a little. the leather skirts are nice though, and i suppose that shirt had a good shape.

also mustard
mustard and grape jelly need to just. adorn some new shapes and compositions. voila yes it’s last year but i love

this print reminds me of zentangles; I love it. The shape of the jacket also has my nod. but it could’ve been a little edgier
btw more prints?
I’m feeling super iffy about the vector print dresses. It’s just too much. The way to rock those solid lines is, that’s right, add some flow, and keep the accent piece as an accent.

and there’s been some 2d bags going about 
around what I’ll call high impact fashion

it seems I wasn’t lying when I was talking about palm tree prints earlier in the summer
but hey. hey. hey. it’s getting cold out there and it’s time to think JACKETS

what is this shape even
(just to bring up the slouchy printed jacket again)
and oversized native printed jackets
and oversized really warm jackets
and oversized plush animal print jackets from last year
and thick oversized coats


neon prints in time for halloween. and i don’t think those tropical prints will fade with the summer for a little while longer. if it does there’s always colorful vintagey, such a classic lolol.

and once you pick it out you can just throw stuff together.




This opening theme found its way to my heart today while I was at home nolstagiaing on Spongebob while watching Shirokuma Cafe for the first time. ! It started playing during the first episode of Spongebob and I had to investigate the source of my toe tappiness! And when I got visuals on it I became entranced by the animal animations and auto-tune electronic-ness. The song actually reminds me a little of Owl City with more happy, maybe Perfume with more rock, or rock music remixed by superpowerless (lol clicking on my own link i realized that he did a remix on gangnam too, not surprised). Ahhh I think my current playlist-obsession is about to evolve again.

One day I shall sing it. One day.

Speaking of music and soundtracks, one of my recent obsession-songs seems to be from Grey’s Anatomy. Great things go in sets I suppose.

Speaking of singing, I feel the need to share some of my favorite female singers:

OH MY THIS IS TAKING UP A LOT OF TIME AND SPACE. I never meant to sift through my itunes library. But I haven’t even finished! Stereopony, Sarah Bareilles, Sunday Girl (four floors, which somehow goes hand in hand in my mind with Trace), Sunny Hill (Let’s Talk About and 꼭두각시..the whole Midnight Circus Album), Vanessa Carlton, 4minutes (really only 거울아 거울아 though), and 邓丽君 is always a classic ❤


WHEW DONE. More or less…


The Guilt of Eating Too Much

There are approximately six cookies and half a box of ma hua in my gut right now.

Is this too gory (oh but I love gutenberg books) for you to handle?

Well it is for me. Sob.

I went out for cross country practice this morning (cough. late. cough. woke up with ten minutes to spare. cough. didn’t eat), sloshed about with my backpack wishing I had something more portable, and came home more or less famished. In the next twenty minutes or so I made like a hamster. I’ve carefully (bingingly) avoided the classic-teenage-anorexia, but sooner or later I’ll have to deal with the other side of the spectrum.

I’ll probably have a light dinner today. Beef onigiri is light enough (eheh. heh)

Oh How Oh How Do I Come to Terms with this Guilt?

First I have to convince myself that I’m not going to gain a pound of fat (3500 calories) by feasting a meal

Ha. Ha. Say it. Now do it.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

is basically the most fundamental maintenance that your body does too keep alive; breathing, digesting, blooding, etc. Having muscle or even just being heavier comes in handy to boost up this number. Dun dun dunnn; bring in the favorite calculator. Under advanced settings you may choose to use your body fat percentage (makes for a more accurate BMR). Personally I didn’t have a pair of handy body fat calipers or a fancy body fat scale, so I used a ruler. Even with all the measuring I feel rather dubious about the actual my body fat percentage. 

I have crazy muscles in my calves but I have chicken-arms (I don’t know how violin works for me even). I’m told by the calculator that I have 24% body fat (is this good? bad?), but then again I probably pinched something all wrong or measured the wrong spots. 

Gahhhh this step is anything but natural! Whatever…I’m done. Neeext.

Make the plan, feel the pain, eat plantains?

There are plenty of diets out there; atkins, south beach, a funky Mediterranean one (with a style that I gravitated towards before knowing anything about not-eating), burn-the-fat-feed-the-muscle (I think I like this one for its emphasis on fitness), and so on. 

Having the background information in hand, I can go about constructing my own kind of plan. (too hipster? really?) But first I must lay my ground rules

1) I have a slight phobia of becoming anorexic. Whatever I go with I will be eating. Lots.

2) I need to keep my body up as I turn myself into a runner (HA. she says). I’ve never done cross country before and I won’t sidetrack myself from the ultimate success of running my personal best. Getting fit is another discussion for another time…

3) I need to eat more healthfully (those ma hwa…that palm oil mann….) and continue exercising to set a foundation for a healthy rest-o-my-life. Mom and Grandma suffer insomnia, aching, and sleepiness, probably due in part to their highly sedentary life styles. I also noticed that I felt more aware of my sleepiness since I started running. Not that I listened to the little voice; I’m still racking up a nice seven hours of sleep…holy sleep deprivation.


Will it make a big difference if I constantly deploy my ab muscles while I sit? Deploy legs and float half a centimeter above my chair? Because even sitting on an exercise ball can give a 6% boost to calories burned.

What if I do that standing desk thing that’s become so popular now a days?

Toradoro – Episodes 1+2

Confused? How does writing a plot confuse you? I agree, there are too many ways to branch from each event.

Today I’ll just tell a few obvious and stereotypical plots to get started. And then I’ll do SAT prep, fun fun eh?


1) Ryuuji finds the mold behind the trashcan, and is unable to get it cleaned up.

The mold ends up being some kind of parasite on humans and everyone dies. Well, Ryuuji was first to die since he had first contact.

2) Ryuuji is often avoided in public due to his dangerous appearance.

Eventually some random vengeful girl accuses him of being the one who killed her brother. Ryuuji gets a hearing, but is framed by the real culprits (it was the mafia, duh, with loads of money) and thrown in jail. His mother and his friends used to visit every week and reassure him, but then after a year they stopped coming. Ryuuji believes that everyone has abandoned him. In jail he goes crazy, swearing to destroy the girl and the mysterious group that sent him here. And ten years later he is finally set out on parole. So he goes for the girl first, but discovers that she’s been in a catatonic state, after some local mafia trouble. So now he wants revenge on the local mafia for stealing his revenge. Mean while he realized that his family and friends were all missing, and he continues to search for the mysterious group. Ryuuji sets up an elaborate plan to climb up into the mafia ranks and discover who the mysterious persecutors were. While in the mafia he becomes a better person and slowly forgets his past. At the top he discovers that this mafia was behind it all. The mafia goes “oh no you found out. BAM.” Thus ryuuji dies yet another way.

3) Taiga climbs into Ryuuji’s house around 2AM. He hears something and wakes up, and finds a wooden katana in his face. He tries to reason, but Taiga continues to be violent.

Ryuuji dies on impact… LOLOL no that would be too easy. He’d probably die a million times at Taiga’s hands if he were that weak. 

No it turns out that the wooden blade, or in japanese, Tohenboku, was possessed. 

susano + Tohenboku (Okami, for wii/ps2)

And the sword takes control of Taiga and together they conquer the world, the sword killing her friends in the way to free her from human relations. Meh just to make it better Ryuuji didn’t die so easily and he swears vengeance, probably getting it in the end somehow in a typical shounen story way. 


A review of this anime to come later. Like maybe when I finish it.